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Dear Zelda

-Psychologist Proves BITCH Theory

-US Gov't Slowly Released Reverse Engineered UFO Technologies To Condition Citizens to Alien Presence on Earth

Harvard Scientists Agree: 
We Are Alien Hybrids

-Vibrators and Artificial Insemination Mark the End of the Era of Man

-NASA Scientists Discover The Dark Side Of The Force

-Highlander Star, Adrian Paul, is Stalked

-Courtney Love and Hugh Hefner Tie the Knot

-Sacrificial Cannibalism in Central America

-Bob Dylan Embraces Paganism and Records a Rap CD

-Dr. Laura Schlessinger Invents Balloon Therapy for Sexual Deviant Behavior

-1st Century Book Of Jesus Sayings Has Been Found

-Marilyn Manson Turns His Life Over To Christ.
Listen to a sample of his new Christian rock CD

-The Clinton's Teach Reading and Sex Education for the 21st Century

-Elvis Tells Serial Killer to Give Up
Exclusive RealAudio Interview with the killer

-Amount of Visible Human Female Leg Baffles Physical Anthropologists

- Dog Therapy Cures Chronically Depressed
--Black Holes Found in Particular Members of Human Species
--Pine Trees Highest Form Of Evolution

-Alien Remains Uncovered At The Vatican

-Beatles Subliminally Push the Youth of the 60's into New Age Doctrine

-Drug Overdose Brings Victims Back To Life!

-Scientists Find Certain Women Developing Several Brains

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