"I must admit that I was reluctant to publish my findings, since I am a women, but I had to add my two cents to the world of behavioral science."
-Dr. Julie Manos
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Psychologist Proves BITCH Theory.

CN. London, UK. A new theory on human female behavior is be published in the next edition of the science journal Nature, documenting Dr. Julie Marnos' revolutionary theory on the three stages of women's emotional/psychological development.


Female entering Stage Two of emotional development. Depression and uncertainty can develop during this transitional period.

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Dr. Marnos, at age 75, is a psychologist in private practice and an advisor on the board of the University of London's Behavioral Statistics Lab.

Her BITCH theory evolved from her private practice, where Dr. Julie Marnos listened to the problems of women over a 50 year period.

"I was very lucky. Some of my female patients started visiting me in their teenage years and continued, off and on, well past menopause." Said Dr. Manos. "I was able, because of their continued participation, to formulate my theory. I must admit that I was reluctant to publish my findings, since I am a women, but I had to add my two cents to the world of behavioral science."

Dr. Manos described the BITCH theory to CN: "Now, this theory really only pertains to particular human females, the ones we think of as 'cute', 'beautiful' or in some other way very desirable to men,  i.e. big tits, tight ass, etc. I found that women have three distinct emotional/psychological stages of maturity. Stage One starts at the age of around 13 and lasts until the age of 30. This stage, for desirable women, is flagged by the female motto 'all men want to have sex with me.' Stage Two, women from the age of 31 to 50, live by the motto 'I think all men want to have sex with me.' Stage Three women, women from the age of 50 to whatever, are forced to accept the motto 'I would pay a man to have sex with me.' "

Dr. Manos went on to explain: "Stage One kicks off the BITCH cycle. It doesn't matter what relationship a women is in, if they don't get their way and even if they DO get their way in the relationship, they will get angry and become bitchy. This stems from the idea that another relationship will be better, and since good looking men are quickly accessible at this stage of life, the bitchy attitude quickly develops into a resentment attitude so the female feels she has reason to find another mate. Of course, in most cases, the Stage One female finds herself in another relationship which is very similar to her former relationship and this, in turn, makes her more of a bitch."

"Stage Two is characterized by uncertainty and depression. The female is starting to wonder 'isn't there just one decent man in the world who understands and can take care of me'. The female may have went through so many relationships that she's having a hard time remembering them all. Men who have relationships with Stage Two women, usually walk on eggshells around their females, being careful not to arouse an evening of intense bitching or weeks of intense depression. Many women have children from Stage One, which can sometimes cause incredible scenes of shouting and breaking dishes, since the female is reminded of her former male mate, who, when she reflects, may have been the right mate after all. Stage Two females start to fantasize a great deal. Thoughts such as 'why didn't I have sex with Mick Jagger' or 'I wonder what the guy next door is like' fills her mind. Some women simply jump to a younger man or find someone with lots of money. Shopping seems to be the therapy of choice for Stage Two females."

"Stage Three finds the female in what I call the acceptance mode. She enjoys her flower garden. She gets lost in memories. She will now admit the fact that she likes sex just as much as anyone and that she wished she was having sex NOW. She realizes that her bitchy attitude kept her from enjoying many of the good things in life. She may try coming on to younger men, but when they say 'aren't you so and so's Grandma?', she just laughs to herself and goes home to dream about walking on the beach on a moonlit night with her favorite movie star.

CN journalist, Dave Pratt, asked Dr. Julie Manos "what if someone had told you of the BITCH theory when you were 31 years old? How would you have responded, especially if a man had presented the theory to you?

Dr. Manos smiled and replied "I would of told him to eat shit."

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