" ...we are at war with extra- terrestrials.
This is a fact."

-USAF Col. T. (ret)

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US Gov't Slowly Released Reverse Engineered UFO Technologies To Condition Citizens to Alien Presence on Earth

"It was necessary to ensure that sufficient quantities of the desired components were produced. In addition, if the public is also consuming these products, it is inconspicuous for the Federal government to also consume them."
-USAF Col. T. (ret)
Lightcraft close-up (42 KB)


Close-up view of the Lightcraft, a technology allegedly developed by reverse engineering technology recovered from downed UFOs. (Click on photo for enlarged view).

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Dramatic test of laser powered Lightcraft captured. Notice the disturbing spatio-temporal distortion exhibited by the test crew.
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CN. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. In 1947, something crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. Many allege that the recovered debris was that of an alien spacecraft. The official position of the United States Air force (USAF) is that the debris was that of an experimental spy balloon. In a recent exclusive interview with CN, a USAF colonel (ret.), who wished to remain anonymous, made some startling statements regarding the current state of US technology, the alleged US government UFO cover-up, and the participation of industry and other government agencies.

The following is an excerpt of the full interview:

CN:  There have been several recent announcements that have been made, regarding some very unusual propulsion mechanisms for launching spacecraft. Do you have any comments regarding these technologies?

Col. T.  Most definitely. The most popularized one is the Lightcraft that is reportedly developed in a joint effort between the USAF Research Lab (USAFRL), NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). This is a very interesting because is it a novel use of technology, reverse engineered from recovered UFO technology. This is a craft propelled by light from a ground based laser. It is an idea that is supposed to have been co-opted from technology developed for the Star Wars defense project back in the '80s.

CN:  Co-opted? How do you mean?

Col. T.  If you recall, the original purpose of the Star Wars program was to provide a network of ground based lasers to neutralize Soviet Ballistic missiles before they became a threat. So, in essence, you are shooting high velocity targets in space with a high-powered ground based laser. The side effect that most people do not consider is that we could also shoot down alien spacecraft that invaded our air space. Most of the ideas for the Star Wars program came from the Roswell crash, and several other Northern Hemisphere recovery missions that post date the New Mexico incident; like Shag Harbour.

CN:  This idea that it was co-opted still isn't clear.

Col. T.  Oh, yes...the details. You must first recognize that we are at war with extraterrestrials. This is a fact. Hostile engagements have been limited in the past; mostly reconnaissance activities. Once an enemy has sufficient intelligence data, the next step is limited engagement to test that intelligence; something that we are just beginning to see. As a result, we must be able to better defend ourselves from such attacks. Since we have some recovered technology, we must necessarily exploit it. This is very expensive work, and difficult to accomplish with tax dollars because the expenditures must be publicly justified. To condition the American public to this need, the spinners in Washington use material that is currently available to weave a story of dire need for high-power, ground based lasers. In the '80s, it was the Soviet threat of nuclear attack. Today, the public sector's need for inexpensive access to Earth orbit is the driving factor. So, the arrangements are made for a professor at some university, that is unknowingly already working on technology previously released into the public sector in a related area, to meet someone at a conference who will plant this idea in his or her head. This way, an individual or group of individuals can claim the idea's genesis and the Federal government is safe from any possible allegations of intervention.

CN:  Are you saying that the government is responsible for these emerging technologies?

Col. T.  Not solely responsible, but the basics were all generated from recovered and subsequently reverse engineered UFO technology. There are endless examples around us everyday: microwave ovens, laser pointers, medical imaging and surgical equipment, and these are just a few examples. The biggest one is the computer. Evidently, the Soviets were unable to reverse engineer the basic silicon control circuits from their craft as quickly as we did. Our government recognized the potential and set about enlisting the private sector for application development and manufacturing.

CN:  So, industry has been involved as well in the generation and use of this technology?

Col. T.  Almost from the beginning. It was necessary to ensure that sufficient quantities of the desired components were produced. In addition, if the public is also consuming these products, it is inconspicuous for the Federal government to also consume them.

CN:  Previously, you mentioned that the American public was "conditioned" to specific needs. How is this done?

Col. T.  Public relations or affairs. Every government agency and private sector company has an office of public relations or affairs. These are the people responsible for making the unbelievable believable. NASA's various Public Affairs Offices (PAO) are quite good at bringing such material to public attention.

CN:  Are you implying that NASA is involved in this?

Col. T.  Certainly. Who better to do the job? NASA represents our country's best and brightest minds at work on the toughest scientific problems of the day. Their problem solving skills are exemplary. Many of the problems they solve, however, have a distinctly non-terrestrial origin, though.

CN:  The implication being that NASA attempts unwittingly to reverse engineer alien technology?

Col. T.  In some sense, yes. Much of NASA's work is original though. Take, for example, the Apollo missions to the Moon. The US government decided that we needed to know more about the space environment so that we could effectively wage war there, if necessary. In addition, it was also decided that local celestial bodies should be investigated for possible alien infestation, and to determine the feasibility of establishing secret research or reduced gravity covert operation installations. The result is that we have probes exploring the solar system, and people pushing ideas for colonizing the Moon and Mars.

CN:  So, rather than investigating our solar system for the sake of knowledge, these probes look for alien invaders?

Col. T.  Side effect. The primary mission is science. The side effect is that we would be warned about covert alien activity with our solar system.

CN:  Why would the government be interested in bases on other bodies in our solar system?

Col. T.  This is driven by the desire to have high security, secret facilities in which to perform the necessary research. On Earth, enough of the populace is free to roam about that it can cause security difficulties. On a celestial body with a considerably harsher environment, security is less of a problem since general access would be more easily controlled thus, more focus could be given the task at hand, research or intelligence gathering.

CN:  You previously mentioned that NASA's Public Affairs Offices played a role in disseminating information about reverse engineered technology to the public. Can you point to any activity that might support this?

Col. T.  If you are asking for material like that contained in the book The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip J. Corso (ret.), no. I am not crazy enough to place a clear target on my person that announces my current location and preferred method of execution. However, I can point to some interesting activities that are in the public domain. Recently, Joseph Gordon, Jr. was named as the new director for public affairs at NASA's Kennedy Space Flight Center (KSFC). This may not sound interesting at all until you look at the career of Joseph Gordon, Jr. He graduated from college with a degree in Political Science, then entered the Marine Corps; the group often tasked with recovering materials from downed UFOs. Later, he became the executive assistant to the deputy Chief of Staff for Installations and Logistics and eventually the deputy director of Marine Corps Public Affairs. Then, in 1994, he became the director for management and the executive assistant in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs at the Pentagon. And just after retiring from the Marine Corps, he served as the civilian director of public affairs for the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense in the Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses. I'd say this would uniquely qualify someone for such a task, given what we know about the military's treatment of Gulf War Illness and its unfortunate victims.

After this interview, CN attempted to confirm what Col. T. had said. Several, easily accessible documents confirm some of Col. T.'s statements. The information regarding Joseph Gordon, Jr. may be found in NASA KSFC news release 165 published December 14, 1998. Details about the Lightcraft can be found at RPI's Laser Propulsion site. Additionally, a USAF press release related to the Lightcraft may be found in a AFRL Press Release. Further corroborating evidence will be added as it becomes available.

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