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Elvis Tells Serial Killer To Give Himself Up 

CN. NEW YORK CITY. Detective Dave Schultz, head investigator for the NYPD serial killer division, was becoming very unpopular with New York City residents. His investigation of a three year serial killing spree was turning up nothing. Lead after lead simply went cold.

Then a miracle happened. Tommy Lee Smiley walked into a Brooklyn police station and confessed to the serial killings.

"We didn't think much of it at first," said Detective Schultz. "But over an eight hour period of interrogation, Tommy Lee pin-pointed the grave sites of over fifty victims. When he came to us, he gave us the story that Elvis had counseled him and told him to confess! Hell, I thought Elvis was dead."

Tommy Lee Smiley was convicted for over three hundred murders. Police feel that Tommy Lee committed more murders, but the proper evidence has not been forthcoming. Tommy Lee has been sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Elvis drawn by Tommy Lee


Picture of Elvis drawn by Tommy Lee Smiley. Tommy Lee states that Elvis visits him nightly and wants Tommy Lee to continue Elvis's singing career. (Notice angel wings on Elvis).

Listen to the exclusive CN interview with convicted serial killer: Tommy Lee Smiley.
Tommy Lee sings the latest Elvis song! RealAudio Interview   or  MP3



Tommy Lee insists that his serial rampage was caused by demons that entered his body while having sex with an ex-girlfriend who was a high-priestess in the Church of Satan. He claims the name of the demon was Macon and originally possessed the emperor Nero. Smiley claims that Elvis purged him of the demon. But the real reason Smiley was exorcised was to continue the King's singing career on earth.

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