Many Orthodox Jews had forsaken the Kabbalah because of its ability to explain the process of universal creation.

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Pine Tree Is Highest Form Of  Spiritual Evolution On Earth

This knowledge of the Kabalah, if in the wrong hands, could allow any human to develop into a black magician.






Tree of Life and the pine tree


Far Right: Northwestern Cascade Pine.

Right: Diagram of the Kabbalistic Sephirothic Tree, from the 1621 edition of Robert Fludd's Utriusque Cosmi....Historia. See enlarged page view.


CN. UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM, ISRAEL. Foreword. Ancient Jewish history tells of the angels giving Adam and Eve the scared knowledge of the Tree of Life. This knowledge was taught to each Jewish generation by  the Oral Tradition. A few centuries ago, this scared knowledge was finally written down and became known to mankind as The Holy Kabbalah. The Kabbalah had almost been forgotten until this century. Many Orthodox Jews had forsaken the Kabbalah because of its ability to explain the process of universal creation. This knowledge of the Kabbalah, if in the wrong hands, could allow any human to develop into a black magician. Today, the Jewish community has reestablished the validity of the Holy Kabbalah, knowing that its' wisdom, beauty and symbolism far exceeds the threat of personal misuse.

Professor Imel ben-Rosen, of the University of Jerusalem, was a student of the Kabbalah when he first made his studies of the electrical fields associated with trees. Professor Rosen's experiments were hot gossip on the university campus, since no one, not even his peers could figure out what Imel was attempting to prove. Even Imel wasn't sure.

Imel's experiment's stemmed from the research of Cleve Backster and Marcel Vogel which proved, with the use of the galvanometer, that plant life responded to human actions and emotions. (See 'The Secret Life of Plants' by Tompkins and Bird).

Imel ben-Rosen took his mentors research a giant step further. With the help of the electrical engineering department of the university, Rosen developed an ultra sensitive galvanometer. A galvanometer that would allow him to test his favorite subjects: pine trees.

Imel spent his summers in the alpine areas of Switzerland experimenting with the galvanic response of the tall pines. Professor Rosen's great discovery happened one day when he rented a crane that allowed him full access, from top to bottom, of the pine trees. He found that each tree contained ten 'spheres' of very high energy and that each sphere was connected by a 'wire' of high electrical energy that started at the 'crown sphere' of the tree and zig zagged down through 9 lower spheres.

Because of Rosen's studies of the Kabbala, he almost went insane from the discovery. His journal states of the discovery "the spheres correspond exactly to the ten sephiroth of the Tree of Life! The angels were telling us who our spiritual role models were--the pine trees!"

Group of pine trees
pine trees hanging out together


Imel ben-Rosen published his finding, but was censored by the academic establishment. His academic supervisors took away his research papers and swore him to secrecy. It seemed that finding a true representation of the Tree of Life was extremely heretical for the rabbi faculty. Rosen shortly completed his studies and entered the teaching field at the University, but his depression over his supervisors decision to censor him caused so much pain in his life, that Imel had to take several sabbaticals. After only two years, Professor Rosen became unable to teach.
UFO's visiting the pine forest


UFOs  frequently visit the
pine forests. Professor
Rosen feels the UFOs are paying their respects to the trees. (Humans are abducted by UFOs for experiments
because of their inferior spiritual development.)

CN located the aged Professor Rosen, now living in Big Sur California. Our staff reporter, Vicky Monroe, was granted this exclusive interview:

  VM: "Professor Rosen, this is indeed a pleasure."
  Rosen: "Yes, yes."
  VM: "Professor Rosen, the academic world was very cruel to you."
  R: "Yes, yes, very cruel. Very cruel and stupid. They're always bitching about
  VM: "Professor, what made you go after pine trees? Why not, for example,
  the oak tree?"
  R: "It was a intuition."
  VM: "With the knowledge you have gained, where will you go with it?"
  R: "In today's academic climate....nowhere. Evolutionists and theologians will   not accept the pine tree as the highest form of evolution. Our thinking is all    wrong. Intellectuals think you must have an e-mail address and watch cable TV to be evolved."


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